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February 26, 2015
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The Perfect Well Balanced Sauce

You hear a lot of terms thrown around in the culinary world: “flavor profiles, flavor matching, culinary matchmaking,” etc. What do they all really mean? That it can be a really friggin’ hard thing to balance flavors to create something entirely new.

“When combining flavors with different profiles, such as sweet and spicy, it is very important to give each flavor a chance to shine,” said Agneta Weisz, vice-president of flavors and technology for Comax Flavors, Melville, N.Y. “Blending isn’t the answer, but allowing each flavor to contribute equally to achieving a balanced synergy is best. … There are so many individual factors that impact creating flavor profiles.”

That rule extends all the way to the condiments you put onto your food. Don’t make the mistake of creating the perfectly balanced meal, and then overpowering it with a couple drops of an imbalanced condiment.

Too much vinegar, and you’re done.  Too much cayenne, game over.  Creating the perfect hot sauce that not only tastes great on it’s own, but can blend well with whatever it is paired with is not easy.  It’s about letting all of your ingredients complement one another.

ItsSo and NotSo hot sauces: Make your food happy.

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