What Makes Peppers Hot?
April 12, 2015

The Secret to Perfect Salsa is…

The summer BBQ season starts this weekend.  Which means, you need to get your salsa recipe mastered.  So what makes a great salsa?  Check out these tips to make your guests fighting over the last bite:

The Foundation

Grill a chili on the BBQ and throw it in chopped to give the salsa a kick and a unique flavor.
  Tomatoes & Onions
These two ingredients create the bulk of your salsa. Try using different varieties to make things interesting.
Adding acid to salsa is key. Limes balance the flavor and bring all the ingredients together.
The greatest day of my life was the day I discovered cilantro, put it in!


Strong flavored ingredients should be small. Garlic, chili and onions should be chopped fine. Make all the softer ingredients such as mangoes and tomatoes coarse.

Before you go crazy and add a ton of fresh peppers in your salsa, taste the pepper. Peppers from the same plant can dramatically vary in heat. To be safe, substitute peppers with NOTSO and ITSO Sauce. Our sauces are created to have consistent flavor and heat in every batch.

Cook it!
Throw some of those ingredients on the BBQ or on the stove. Blacken some peppers over a fire or cook cut corn to bring out the sweet flavor. Large chunks of bell pepper blackened and peeled bring an amazing flavor to any salsa. Tip: after you cook peppers over a fire, place them in a covered bowl for 5 minutes and they will peel much easier.

Enjoy this summer’s salsa season and let us know about your salsa ideas!

-Make Food Happy!

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